Email Marketing Strategy – The Ultimate Blueprint for 2020 and Beyond


Well, 2020 has thrown us a global curveball. Personally many of you may have taken the opportunity to give the garden a refresh, do a bit of decluttering around the house, even try a diet detox, fitness regime or a bit of mindfulness. But professionally, have you taken the opportunity to up-level your digital marketing by refreshing your email strategy? If not, now’s the time!

In this webinar we hear from Karen Talavera, Founder of Synchronicity Marketing and expert in making email marketing not only easier but exceptional. She believes there’s no time like the present for amplifying this oldest and strongest digital marketing channel. Join us as Karen shares a framework for developing and executing successful Email Marketing Strategy in 2020 and beyond.

If you’re still “blasting” away at subscribers with one-size-fits all messages you probably don’t have an email strategy at all. You know there’s more you can and should do with email, but how do you actually figure out a plan that goes beyond the basics? And if you do have a strategy in place, there’s no better opportunity to make sure it’s as viable, agile, and optimized as possible.

In this webinar you will:

– Learn how to quickly pivot and adapt your email programs in times of crisis and change. – See how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the tone, cadence, and volume of email, and learn how not to be tone-deaf or “COVID-wash” your campaigns.

– Understand the five types of email campaigns that should be part of every program, why you need them, what purpose they serve, and how they drive revenue.

– See why automation-driven campaigns are essential to a successful email strategy, where to use them, and how to prioritize their importance in your mix.

So join us, to get the Blueprint for your Email Marketing Success.

Get Ahead of the Game with this practical and insightful webinar.

Join the webinar:

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