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Cost Attribution in Google Analytics (2)

Please join us on Wednesday, June 24th at 16:30 CEST (10:30 ET), to learn how to automatically attribute your advertising cost data to Google Analytics using Funnel. We understand that everyone has busy schedules and can’t always attend hour-long webinars, so we’re going to do the whole thing in under 15 minutes!

During the session, we’ll provide a high-level overview of the problem that marketers face when trying to analyse their marketing performance in Google Analytics. We’ll then explain how this problem can be solved with Funnel, the setup process, the benefits, and how to get started.

To register for the event please click here.


  • A high level overview of the problem
  • An intro to Funnel and how we can help
  • How to setup an automated cost upload to Google Analytics
  • The benefits and how to get started

You can learn more about Funnel’s Google Analytics Upload feature in the meantime by heading here.

Who is Funnel?

At Funnel, we are building the platform that helps marketers automate their data collection so they can focus on analysis and taking actions. Right now most marketers use a manual process and a spreadsheet to report on their marketing results. Funnel replaces this with software that is always up to date, more detailed and less error prone.

Funnel’s customers include ecommerce companies, media agencies, brands, b2b businesses, mobile apps and gaming companies. Almost everyone who is selling or promoting something online can benefit from accurately and timely reporting on the results of their marketing programs and it can often have a big impact on their business.

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